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100 zones per season

Dear GetmanCar users and residents of Kyiv, we will conduct a survey and accept your wishes by the end of February 2018 regarding the start/finish areas of carsharing. This is done for your convenience.  We want from you:

1. Write a zone in which you would like to start or complete a car sharing within the city of Kiev and this area is absent in App.

2. If our current start/finish zone of car sharing prevents you - write what zone to delete. The area can interfere, because our users put cars not by rules, they block you entrance to the yard, and so on.



Describe and respond to the comments on the facebook page posting 100 zones per season.


Requirements for your comments:

1. Please be tactical and do not challenge other users who have their own opinion regarding the establishment or removal of the zone.

2. When leaving a comment, indicate the exact address if you want to have a zone and/ r a segment there. For example: street. Bandera, 18, near the store C ... , or Shevchenko av. in Podolsky district houses from 10 to 20.

3. It is very good if you add a photo from the map with the selected area, so that we can understand where is this address exactly (which part of the city).

4. Add a photo of a place where you do not want to park cars if they interfere with your yard, shop, etc.


What zones are considered, which are removed and in which cases you can not ask to expand the zone:

1. Those in which there will actually be used and there will be a need for cars - if in these areas cars come thanks to your help, but they do not leave the territory as no one needs - this area will not be accepted, and if adopted – it will be removed further in accordance with the analysis of traffic.

2. The areas of the pavilion of even multi-apartment buildings - if you do not have enough parking, please specify a place next to what is more public: a shop, a playground, a driveway with the possibility of parking. Spend 5 minutes to walk to car. Understand that the next user does not want to run in the courtyard in search of a car, and we also have an appeal from citizens who indicate that there is a car near their home for 24 hours or more. Than citizens want we make the remove of the car because it interferes with the inhabitants.

3. Factory zone areas or areas of the private buildings where there is no demand for carving service, but if you are different, we are happy to track this opportunity.

4. A free night-time waiting mode tariff will be offered in the coming days, which will allow you to park your car free of charge even out of the start/end zone, but provided you drive again at the morning or pay. The residents of Brovary, Vyshneve... will be able to leave the car near the house. Therefore, you should not specify remote areas, if it is interesting to you and you use the car in the morning for travel to work and in the evening to go home. You will have such an opportunity. Keep up with the posts.


• Your comments will be reviewed. Once a week the zones will be added / removed, the changes you see on the map in your applications.

• First of all we make zones that have more likes.

• If the zone will not be active within 2-4 weeks, it will be deleted.

• We can add any area with low activity if there is a need for carving used both for entering and leaving these places.

• We have a lot of examples of zone expansion even at the request of one person.


At the end of March 2018, We will announce the people (our users), who proposed (till the end of February 2018) the best zones, and each one gets 100 bonuses at their own expense. The zone with permanent activity, where there will be more cars that will start and complete the lease, will be recognized as the best. The names of people who will be accrued bonuses will be published on our site, without specifying a name, for example, Ivan B. and the name of the proposed zone.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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