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Anytime Car

Anytime Car is the first Moscow and Russian car sharing, a pioneer, which was launched in 2012 and lasted for 6 years. The company took over the ownership of another, large operator of the Delimobile car sharing in 2018.


At the time of the acquisition of the company Anytime, there were about 1000 cars in the fleet of the company, among which such auto brands:

  1. Kia Rio
  2. Hyundai Solaris
  3. Renault Kaptur
  4. Skoda Octavia
  5. Audi A3
  6. Audi Q3
  7. Nissan Qashqai


What was the Anytimecar

  • Naturally, this was the first experience and the first breakthrough in the market.
  • Coverage - all of Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road.
  • A large replenishment of new cars was presented before sale


Profitability of the company

There is a lot of information that the company has not become profitable. But, these rumors refute Delimobile, who argues that he would not buy a loss-making company.


Anytimecar today

The brand and the company continues to operate. The application works, and the company is systematically pouring into Delimobile, after the purchase. Users do not feel any discomfort.


The Sorrow of Merger

Some experts say they are afraid because of the merger, which could lead to monopolization of the market, but they say this as an imminent thing. There is only 2 large operators in Europe, that also decided to merge into a single company.


Operator Features

  • the operator always showed an open statistics of free cars and online trips, that is visiting the site you have always seen how many cars are free at the moment, what is the average price of the minute of the trip, the number of rents per day
  • it was the only Moscow operator who had cargo cars


Prices for trips

Tariffication of car sharing is:

  1. per minute tariff: 8-9 rubles a minute, the morning tariff is also available 3 rubles / minute
  2. Daily: 2400 rubles per day, includes 100 km of mileage, rerunning 8 rubles / km

There are no other tariffs.


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