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Car sharing in Moscow

Moscow is one of the most dynamic car sharing markets in the world, The market of Moscow's car sharing for 2 years has grown in frenzied rates:

  1. The growth in the number of cars - 1800% - 18 times
  2. The growth in the number of users - 500% - 5 times
  3. Growth in the number of companies in the car sharing program - 300% in 3 times


The total fleet of cars in Moscow is more than 8,000 cars, and the number of users of the car sharing service, about 400,000 users. The number of companies that provide the services of car sharing are 15.


Car sharing companies in Moscow:

  1. Belka Car
  2. Delimobile
  3. Anytime car - currently absorbed by Delimobile
  4. Yandex Drive
  5. You Drive
  6. Matresh Car
  7. TimCar
  8. Car5
  9. EasyRide
  10. RentMee
  11. Carenda
  12. LifCar
  13. Car4You
  14. Carusel


The top five companies own 80% of the total car sharing fleet in Moscow. For more information about each company, read our next publications.


The aggregate fleet of all Moscow car sharing will be 15,000 cars until the end of 2018.


If you want to run your own car sharing or just be an investor in such business, write, we are happy to help you:

  1. Consultation
  2. Software
  3. Complete start-up of a new turn-key project.

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