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I do not want a fine of 75 000 UAH

After reading a few reviews of people who have never used carsharing about a huge fine of 75,000 UAH, you come to the idea, why such there is such a fine and is it not a fraud? Is it almost half the cost of a car? Better not to use it at all....

Especially for you, we have made an overview of the largest fine in our service.

Items from the contract:

  • In case of unauthorized disconnection, damage established in Automobiles of the Mobile Terminal, the Lessee pays the Lessor a penalty in the amount of 75,000 (seventy fifty thousand) UAH 00 kopecks;
  • In the case of transferring the right to drive the Car to any third party, the lessee pays the Lessor a fine of 75,000 (seventy fifty thousand) UAH 00 kopecks;
  • The User / Lessee compensates the Lessor for losses incurred to the Car in full, if at the time of the accident the Lessee was driving while intoxicated, under the influence of drugs that worsen the reaction and attention, in a painful or tired state and / or left the scene of an accident (disappeared and / or fled the accident scene), as well as in these cases, pays the Lessor a fine of 75,000 (seventy five thousand) UAH 00 kopecks;


If you carefully re-read the terms of the contract, those specified above, you probably clearly realized that to get a fine of 75,000 UAH. perhaps only in one case possible - deliberate action aimed at causing harm to the car, or negligence, which is manifested in the transfer of the car or use of the car in a state where you do not have the right to drive: drunk ....

I climb into the car equipment

Do you need to get into the car equipment. This option can allow only in two cases: either a vandal, or an amateur. If you are an amateur, come to us, we will help you figure everything out. But some secrets will remain, because they affect the safety of car theft. If you are a vandal, then in our opinion, the fine is too small!

Everyone goes and I get drunk and I will go

If you are drunk - stay at home, take a taxi, subway. Do not get behind the wheel, because it is not only a car, your life, it is also the life of other people. We are not indifferent to children, adults and all the people for whom you can create a threat. Do not get behind the wheel, if you are drunk.

Transfer of control

Why can't my husband, my wife, my friend drive and ... .. they are neat. Dear users, then it happens that this person then commits a crime and is drawn to responsibility. The friendship will end when the crime is committed.

My husband did not pass moderation, but I passed, I trust him

If we have not passed a person through moderation, we have information about the impossibility of using the service, or using it on special conditions.

How do you prove it?

Everything is easily proven in 100% cases. If you think that the one who committed the crime will go on, you are mistaken. If it seemed to you that we do not know about violation of some rules, or we cannot prove it, the process has already passed.


The penalty was applied several times, was associated with the transfer of control. In cases, we understood a person, and these people even now use our service, having passed the verification.

We are always for you, but the attempt to deceive or make a fraud will not end well.

Thank you for your attention! Do not violate the rules, we are always on your side!

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