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To make a zone near me

This publication is for everybody who asks:

  • When a zone near my home will appear
  • Why there is no zone near the business center.

Especially for everybody we are writing this article.

Any carsharing service wherever it is: New York, Frankfurt, Moscow, Zimbabwe…, is built according to simple principles:

  1. Cars must be near and close to the user.
  2. Cars must move, be into the rent constantly.

If a car leaves from this point, it means that it is on demand and is available to the users. If at this or that zone the car just stay and never is rented by the users, it means that the zone is not interesting.

To use a service or not to use

A couple of pieces of advice how to use the service even if there is no end of the trip zone:

  1. To use “transfer” regime – leave a car outside of carsharing end zone. A button “transfer” is available for you. When you push it, the car will be closed and become available by another user but you will not be able to use it. Until the car is not taken by another client, a payment of 18 hryvnias/hour will be written from you. More details in the article about “transfer” regime.
  2. Using “waiting” regime – put a car near you house in order to drive it again. In the subscriptions it is free, in the per-minute tariffs – 0,99 hryvnias / minute and in the period from 11 pm till 7 am is free in the per minute tariff “quite night”. Close a car and in the morning – drive it again to your workplace.

The principles and building and opening zones:

The zone must be popular not just like a zone where it is comfortable for you to end the trip. In this zone start of carsharing must be popular. It is always comfortable for you to end carsharing near your house but it is uncomfortable to start the trip to other people. You can raise an objection. But how you will explain the logic of the user who does not want to search for a car near your house even if there is 100 meters from him to the car?

The end zone must be easily found and be in the nearest availability to the people – close to this principle new quarters are built and new apartments are valued: whether it is near a tube station, a public transport stop…

End zone is in the first turn – a comfortable place for the start of carsharing and only on the second turn – a comfortable place for the end of the trips.

The zone must be filled in with cars and the cars must be available.

Why there are zones in the center but there are no zones on Vynogradar or…

Because in the center the cars are easily taken away, on Vynogradar no one needs them, it may stay for 1-2 days without being rented. It is comfortable for you to end the car rental but you do not want to start the trip from there.

We were talking with one of our users with an offer to created zone in the region of ring road. We have analyzed his trips and asked: why all of his trips he is doing from the center to this zone and never drive back again?

User: It is comfortable for me to drive from the center, but back again, no, there is traffic jam and…

We: Maybe we offer you individual conditions and make a tariff there more expensive than it is and the tariff there much cheaper???

Answer: No, I just do not want to drive there a car in the morning.

Conclusion: Zone about which a user writes to us is not profitable. We offered him -30% back from the tariff for the road back and we have not increased the sum there. But, a zone is still not popular with him.

Why do we need such a service if it is not comfortable to drive

Naturally, one of the main marks of the service – is comfortability. Unfortunately, it is now always possible to put tube station closer to your home but it is always possible to move bus station and carsharing car. The difference is that the zone where you live must be popular. It is began to be popular I that case when in the region lives a big amount of people whom it is comfortable to drive from that place where you left the car. If for many people it is comfortable it is not always comfortable for you because there are less cars, a large amount of people in the public transport, not comfortable to park the cars. That is why the real property, the apartments… are more expensive in the city center, though there is worse ecology, it is dirt, hard to park and a lot of people, but everybody aims there.

About new zones

We gradually are opening new zones. Speaking sincerely, almost 80% of our active zones are unprofitable and in reality, we can limit the service to 2-10 small zones that give some result. But we understand that we cannot stand at one place, it is necessary to:

  • Widen a fleet in order for more cars to appear in your zone
  • Widen zones to make some new ones.

Questions and answer about the topic:

  1. How will you find out about a new zone if you are not here?
    • We are making a research very actively about the movement, besides we are constantly looking at the possibility of widening zone. Even now there are not enough cars for those zones that already exist. Thank you very much you are becoming more active and there are more of us – users at the last time.
  2. Do not tell lies, I used carsharing in Europe, you can do everything there and leave a car everywhere.
    • We cannot agree with you. There is different carsharing models: station and free float and there are also different cities on saturating the traffic and its size. Also a fact of parking always influences the zones.

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