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Keeping your login and password

In accordance with clause 5.1.1 of the Public Procurement Agreement, the user is required to keep safe his login and password. In case of possession of these data by third parties, immediately notify the Support Service.

The block of your account will be held as soon as possible, but we guarantee a 100% lock within 24 hours.


Please note that the risk of the distribution of your login and password, and the continued possession of such information and its use by third parties is to the user.


Carsharing operator knows your password and transfers it to third parties

Invalid statement. Neither Support, nor Admin nor Super Administrator, as well as Security Service, do not know your password and can not use it.


What is it done for:

  1. No one should know your password, even our Service
  2. If we know your password, we could simply use your account if we had an unfair employee.

So all that the Customer Support Service can do is generate a new password for you, pointing it to you, after which you can change it in your own account on the site or in the mobile application.

We have protected your password as much as possible.


Recommendations for password setup:

  1. Do not use the password you used somewhere
  2. Do not put as password your birth date, date of your marriage, meeting, birth of your children
  3. Make a password with a different register to have small and upper case letters, as well as a few digits.


The voluntary transfer of a login and password may extend the use of the vehicle to third parties who may commit an offense. The responsibility for such crimes or offenses may be imposed on you.


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