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Errors in the new application that do not exist

We face your questions, you say that there are errors in our application or in the service. Indeed, we constantly fix any failures or inconveniences and send them for revision.

But there are errors that are not errors, but exist for several reasons:

  1. You are used to the old application and cannot find it here.
  2. You do not understand the new logic and functions.
  3. Something has been done to make it hard for you to find.

In the materials of this publication, we want to dwell only on errors in the work, which, in fact, are not errors.

I cannot open the car, the button does not work

In the new logic, before putting you in the car, the system will definitely check your paying capacity and freeze a certain amount on the card for verification, from 300 UAH. up to 1000 UAH, but the amount may be higher depending on your status and riskiness for us.

If there is no money on the card or less that is needed - you cannot open the car.

The amount of 500 UAH was written of my card., and then another 70 UAH

The first amount is written off as freezing - it is frozen by the bank, the second amount is the amount of your trip. If at 11:59 pm of the current day you do not have a debt - 500 UAH will be unfrozen (except when you are on an active trip at 11:59 pm), if your balance is minus, then the amount of the frozen money will be deducted from the amount of services and you will be approved to the service.

I'm in the car, but I cannot start the engine

If you opened the car, you got time to inspect the car and evaluate it inside and out. If you are ready to go, make a rating, add a photo and click on start renting - now the car will start.

I warmed up the car, but then the counter switched to use

If you are in the warm-up phase and started the engine, while lowering the handbrake and / or starting to move, the system will automatically switch you to use.

Where can I choose the tariff

Previously, you chose the tariff after booking, now you choose the tariff simultaneously with the reservation. Therefore, do swipe around the screen to the right or left to select a tariff.

I cannot complete the service, there is no button to complete

If you are out of the end zone, then you only have a “waiting” service or a “transfer” service. Use them according to your needs.

I cannot complete the trip, I am in the end zone, I do not have a completion button

Please note that the ride completion button is at the top and is made in the form of a red STOP sign with a white cross in the middle.

I do not receive sms, my number is 091

At the moment, there is a problem with the delivery of primary sms to the operator 091, while the sms delivery goes well with any other operators, even abroad.

I do not receive sms, operator is another

Check your phone settings and locks. Very often, you also block such services while blocking messages and calls from hidden numbers. SMS are delivered from alpha named Getmancar.

Everything is fine, but sms does not come anyway

Contact customer support by phone, perhaps your account is not approved.

Questions and answers arise as you add requests to us.


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