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Airport Boryspil: free parking

Do you need to get to Boryspil airport but you do not want to leave your car on a parking lot because this will cost you a lot? And getting there on a public transport with the bags and suitcases (or without them) is not comfortable at all?

There is a great alternative – you can use carsharing Getmancar service and finish the rent, leaving the car on a parking P10 for free, where there is a new carsharing end zone. You can also start carsharing use when you find a free Getmancar car there.

P10 parking is the closest to the terminal F, where all the low costs arrive, you need just to go 300 meters. Terminal D where the biggest part of the flights arrive, 500 meters and you are near the car.

map of Borispol airport

How to leave Getmancar car on the parking lot near Boryspil for free

  1. When you drive to the entrance on the P10 parking, the system will automatically read Getmancar car number plates. When the system define that you are driving on Getmancar car, the lifting gate will rise and the entrance on the parking will be opened.
  2. The second way that suits the situation when on some unknown reasons the automatic reading of the number plates has not happened. In the parking lot under the technical passport you will find a special token, where there is the check with the bar code with car number plates. Put the token into a parking meter, it will read the abovementioned information and you will get to the P10 parking.
  3. The last but not least way to get to the P10 parking if the reading of number plates has not happened, and you have not find a token: come to a watchman (in the [pavilion near the lifting gate) and describe the situation. When he understands that you want to leave Getmancar car on P10 parking, he will make the entrance free without any expenses from your side. Taking into account that Getmancar car is covered with “marking signs”, it is easy to recognize it. Every watchman has a list of all our number plates.
airport barrier

You can leave the P10 parking lot on Getmancar car for free with the help of three abovementioned ways.

The cons of parking at Boryspil airport

  1. Now it is impossible to leave a car on the parking lot for free that is located near terminal D. Getmancar carsharing end zone is located only on the P10 parking lot. The distance from P10 to the entrance / exit from terminal D is 500 meters.
  2. While you drive to / from parking, you will waste some minutes when the system is reading car number plates. If you on the minute tariff, this situation may annoy you, so think about buying a subscription – maybe it is the best way out.

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