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Fueling a car

This you must know

  1. Carsharing automobile is fueled at the expenses of the service, but not a user.
  2. You can see the remaining fuel in the application while booking a car.
  3. You must not leave a car with a level of fuel less than 20% (a red indicator of a station and level is lighted in the application).
  4. If a user wants to fuel a car and help the service, he may use a fuel card. For this he will be given 50 bonuses on his account.
  5. If you do not want to fuel a car that has little few, you`d better not take it for a rent, take another car.
  6. Have you chosen to fuel a car? Use a fuel card, it is in glove compartment or fuel at your own cost, then a compensation of fueling a car will we returned back on your bonus account. It is necessary to tell the operator of Support Service about your wish to fuel a car.

Fueling carsharing Getmancar automobile, step-by-step instruction.

Step 1

The fuel indicator shows the fuel remaining less than 20%. Tell the operator about your wish to fuel a car (calling the support service) and drive to the nearest gas station OKKO, if you want to fuel a car using a fuel card.

OKO refueling | Getmanсar

Step 2

Open an application. In the application choose the left and click on the icon “Fuel”.

Refueling icon in application | Getmanсar

Step 3

On your map in the application you will be shown all the AZS. Choose the nearest to you and click on the icon.

refueling eye on map | Getmanсar

Step 4

Now you can see which types of fuel are available on the gas station that you have chosen.

fuel types at refueling eye | Getmanсar

Step 5

PIN from a fuel card is shown in the application. If there is more than 20%, the application will not give you PIN data and shows that there is no sense in fueling a car. If you still need PIN (for example you are going to the countryside, and there is less than 20% of fuel), ask about PIN data from the operator of Support Service.

fuel card pin in app | Getmanсar

Step 6

Put the car near the station, open petrol cap. Take a fuel card from a glove compartment.

auto at the gas station | Getmanсar

Step 7

Close the car using an application. In this period the rent will be charged on a reduced tariff 0,99 hryvnias /minute, a not according to a tariff when you drive.

change to parking mode during refueling | Getmanсar

Step 8

Get to AZS building, pass a fuel card to a cashier and tell the amount of fuel (operator of Support service has told you this), fuel mark and a station near which a car is parked.

refueling payment | Getmanсar

Step 9

Take the cheque concerning the fueling and get to a car. When you are near the car, check that the petrol cap is closed and the car is fueled. Open the car with the help of an application, and the active rent will start.

When the car is fueled, the data of the amount of fuel in the car will be in the application (may be some with a delay and only after the engine starts working). After the AZS operator fuels the car, get back in it.

standby | Getmanсar

Step 10

Take a photo of the cheque on the dashboard. Save the photo in the application. Send the photo clicking on the “fuel” in the application.

photo of the check in front of the dashboard | Getmanсar

Step 11

Now you can start the trip.

You will be given 50 bonuses for fueling no later than 24 hours. You can use the bonuses for the trips in Getmancar car.

If you have any question, read the FAQ (18-22 points on the website) about the procedure of fueling Getmancar car.

FAQ in the app | Getmanсar