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Review of our work for 1 year

Exactly 1 year, as GetManCar started.

So, we have prepared a small overview of what we have done for the year, as well as small plans that will realize in future.


What we have, small victories

  1. The number of our users now more then 15,000 people. Of course, it is not a lot, but we have already noted that the most dynamic carsharing market in the world (Moscow) reached 58,000 users only in the 5th year of the service, and today it is more than 1,000,000 users.
  2. In addition to Ravon we added Fabia and Logan.We will add more cars in future too.
  3. You increase the duration of trips and their number, it pleases us. At the same time, your average bill for one trip decreased by 15-30% from the beginning of our work. That is how it should be. Many of you know which tariff is better to choose how to use. With experience comes the skill, which help you to reduce the cost for you through understanding.
  4. In terms of the number of trips we exceed the London`s rates.  And also for the recent dates we got close to the Milan rates.
  5. Reduced prices. The cost of a minute rental was reduced by 30% from 6 to 4 UAH per minute. Now you have a 3-hours tariff. All these tariff changes was a reaction to your trips and needs, we saw how you move, how to make more beneficial and that is why we have such results. We did not reduce the cost just like that, we clearly traced it.
  6. When the fuel has risen in price, and I must say that it is a very significant expense for us, we did not raising the cost, but we automatically lost 10% of our turnover in 1 month. At the same time, we did not shock our users. The situation returned to normal and the fuel went down.


Mistakes and learning

At start-up and in the process, we of course have mistakes that we correct; sometimes it hurts for us and for our users:

  1. We launched a very wide completion area - of course, this is more convenient for users, but this became the basis for bringing cars into unpopular areas and blocking it for most users.
  2. The presence of only one hour tariff, while many needed a longer tariff. 

Of course we still have a large number of errors that we solve every day by analyzing the data, responding to your comments and recommendations. But it is an endless process.


What we are planning

  1. We hope that closer to the summer, the season of your vacations; we will have a special service for long trips in Ukraine for our users (also without keys and managers). These will be cars of class C and D (Corolla, Jetta, Camry, Passat, etc.). You can pick them up from the station and move to rest with greater comfort.
  2. In about a month, you will receive a new application, GetManCar, where many functions that we described are solved, more convenient photos, zones, insurance settings, modes allowing you to leave the car outside the completion zone.
  3. Increasing the coverage options, which will give you the possibility of reducing your liability, if you will get into an accident.
  4. Of course, increasing the car fleet.
  5. Improving the application on the subject of sociality, when it is not only a convenient service, but also a social one, and will help you add recommendations.
  6. In a few months, there will be one of the best carsharing software in the world that can be adapted to the needs of any company and state.


All this thanks to you. Thank you very much.