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Service Tesloop was founded in July 2015. The founder is a 16 year old guy named Haydn Sonnad in the United States. The service is innovative and offers trips between cities on Tesla cars for a mere penny.


How the startup was created

Haydn decided to buy a Tesla car, but realized that he did not have $ 120,000 to pay for such a car. The decision came by itself. The guy decided that he would buy a car and ride it on working days, and on weekends - rent out, in order to compensate for the cost and partially cover payments for the car. So there was a service Tesloop.


Cars in service

Today the service is presented by 9 Tesla Cars Model X, 2 cars of Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S just 1 car.


Features of the service

The service functions as the transportation of passengers between several cities. In this case, the user can use the service as a passenger and as a driver.


Service Location

Tesloop operates and transports people between such cities: Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

The service is clearly tied to the charging points, which is why the routes are planned to cover the most valuable places for disembarking, landing passengers and car charging places.

Service is slightly limited in the number of cars, as it is charged at Tesla stations, and those can accommodate up to 6 cars, which is why the service can not afford more cars, because the places on the charging station will be occupied.

Despite the difficulties, Haydn has already launched his own development of charging stations without waiting for Tesla to build enough seats to charge the car.


Cost of services

The fare in the service is from $ 29 per seat. Each car is equipped with drinks and snacks. You can use the phone recharging, heated seats, pillows for your neck.

The service perfectly competes with airlines that offer similar routes from $ 90 one way.



The innovation and main function of the service is the autopilot function in the car, when the car goes by the highway. The autopilot allows you to make the trip pleasant, less accidental and not intrusive.

Today, more than 25,000 service users have been transported to these destinations.


Cruiser function

There are two directions: Los Angeles - Palm Springs and Los Angeles - San Diego, that offers one-way car rental today, that is, take in one city, leave in another. The cost of such a lease is Tesla Model 3 - 49 dollars, for Tesla Model X - 79 dollars.

Here the fixed cost for the whole car. So, you can take the whole family without any additional payments, for a similar one-way trip.

The autopilot is not used in the Cruiser service, the time on the road is strictly limited, but if there is a delay due to traffic jams or any unforeseen situations, this does not affect the use.


Today, the service is used 2 times a day in the shuttle format (without a driver), and once in the Cruiser mode. The service hopes to increase the number of trips in the Cruiser mode.


Help Tesla

When Sonnad wanted to run the project, he did not know where to find the money, the annual conference of Tesla shareholders helped him, where the question of autopilots was raised and his startup was presented. After that, Tesla agreed to a project between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Who are the users

Sonnad thought his service would be designed for young people who travel and do not want to buy cars. But he was a little mistaken, because the service became popular with those who want to save on air travel or simply choose cheaper land transportation.


Five Year Plan

The plan for 5 years is:

  • Engaging other cars, not just Tesla
  • Cooperation with hotels for the organization of routes
  • Laying new routes



The project is still unprofitable, but Sonnad, I am sure that when using the service for 20,000 miles a month, he will be able to confidently receive 1 dollar of income from 1 mile.


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