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Getmancar: free parking in Kyiv

Any Getmancar user can park a car he/she uses in the below mentioned places without any additional fees and fines:

  1. Any place on a free parking where it is not forbidden to make a stop and leave a car according to the Rules of Road traffic movement.
  2. Municipal parking in Kyiv city – all the places are available for you for free. You can see the whole list of municipal parkings on the website of municipal parking service. All the payable and free municipal parkings are already paid by us and / or are free for our users. Also, in Getmancar application for iOS and Android we provide you with a map with free parking that are officially allowed by the government (not only for our cars).
  3. Near your home if the car do not detain other participants of the road traffic movement, the car is not blocked by other cars, the markets…
  4. On the carriageway if this does not detain the movement and is not forbidden by the road traffic rules.

All the places where you must not park a car are in our article: “You must not park this way”.

The marking of municipal parking in Kyiv

Here you can park a car for free, you can see the places for parking in such a way:

  1. All the places are marked with blue (light blue) line
  2. The parking may be allowed from one or both sides of the road. On the photo we blue line is on both sides.
  3. Even on the narrow roads the municipal parking may be allowed. The real photos from Kyiv.
  4. The parking may be as parallel to the pavement, so angularly. On this photo the blue marking is perpendicular to the road.

Signs that mark parking

1. The start of the parking is marked with a sign 5.39, from this very place you can start to park a car.

2. The end zone of parking is marked with a sign 5.40. After this sign you must not park a car.

3. Under the parking sign 5.39, is usually pictured how you can park a car, these are signs 7.6.1 – 7.6.5

7.6.1. park a car in parallel with the pavement and the road, without driving on the pavement

7.6.2. park a car in parallel with the pavement and the road driving with one side on the pavement

7.6.3. park a car in parallel with the pavement and the road driving on the pavement in parallel with the road

7.6.4. park a car perpendicular to the pavement, without driving on the pavement, parking only on the road

7.6.5. park a car perpendicular to the road on the pavement, with driving on the pavement

4. The sign shows that the parking is payable. If this is a municipal parking – you do not pay for parking, it is paid by us. If the parking is not municipal, under the sign must be an indicator who rules the parking, specific requisites of an enterprise.

Municipal parking is often marked with additional sign plates that shows the driver how to pay for the parking. We have already paid for this parking.

Park in the right way.

Still have some questions? You do not know how to park, write us: