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Why do you take fines and who let you do it

Hi, you are upset that you have read and found in our contract a penalty for damage to parts on a car. You think that this is not fair, we fully agree with you, that is why we made this publication to let you understand the terms of the contract, and why such a clause exists.


Item from the contract:

- In case of any damage to the appearance / design of the Car, the Lessee pays a fine of 7,000 (seven thousand) UAH 00 kopecks for each damaged part of the Car;


Sayings of contra:

  • Why should I pay any fine?
  • Is a fine provided for by law, or are you a government agency imposing fines?
  • Generally go nuts
  • It turns out that I am paying for everything, also a fine ??? Looking for fools.
  • Did you try to buy insurance?
  • As always, they want to tear us all
  • not a service, but simply - give money
  • They apparently pay off the car only on fines



Are there penalties in civil law?

Fines are indeed provided for by civil law, as failure to comply with the terms of the contract, the parties may apply a fine and penalty. So fine is not just a tool of administrative or criminal law. It is both in civil and economic law and is fully applicable. You have probably seen fines in contracts, sales, supply (even electricity). So we have the same.


For whom a terrible penalty?

A terrible fine for violators. Attention, not for those who have damaged cars, but for violators!

For example, you damaged a car, scratched a part of a car, the approximate cost of repairing a part if it doesn’t require replacement and straightening is 3000 (three thousand) UAH. as of 12/05/2018, or more. If you need straightening - more. And if the replacement parts - generally much more.

So, to quickly determine the damage, you can simply apply a fine. Another way is to determine the cost of repair, but this is a few hours, days, because it is a car delivery to the station and / or an expert.


Whom applied the fine?

In our practice today, we applied this fine several times, in both cases, 4-7 parts of the car were damaged - the car was scraped, the whole side was left so, without a request, to the insurance police, the police, to us. There were even signs of fraud in one of the cases when the user decided to play with photoshop, but it did not work out and this is another story.

In these cases, both the cost of repair and the fine were applied. But with the voluntary performance of the obligation to pay for repairs at the cost of our service station (cheaper than the company one, expert assessment), all fines were removed. Who did not pay - left and collected money.

So, the penalty was applied only to those who tried to pretend that they didn`t do anything wrong, but these are your problems. They are really ours and we will solve them, but we will write off the fine, penalty and everything else.


Why are you costing fine and repair?

NOT removed from a single person, paid repair. At the same time found a compromise. Of course, we will not find a compromise when the cost of repair is 22 000 UAH, and the user wants to pay 3000 UAH. But if there are options to give in, consider another option - always go to the meeting.

So, the penalty and repair at the same time collected and we will charge, only with malicious violators. Normal people will never get it!


Therefore, nobody was torn off anything, insurance works, but only if you call the police, register a case with the police. We do not make money on your accident, but we want responsible customers. You want a responsible service, and we are the same customers. Clearly monitor any violations of your rights.



Thank you for your attention, always welcome your comments and are ready to answer them.

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