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Getmanglobal, TOV

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How to start using Getmancar

A detailed instruction – everything you need to know how to start using Getmancar mobile application and rent a car

How to use Getmancar

A detailed instruction how to use Getmancar mobile application correctly, everything you need to know to rent a car

Boryspil: free parking at the airport

Free parking at Boryspil airport is free for Getmancar cars! Drive there or leave the parking on Getmancar car, it will cost you nothing.

Rent a car in the new app Getmancar New

How to start a rental on a car-sharing car Getmankar, as well as set up the beginning of the lease for yourself. New features and capabilities of the application Getmancar New. We go all the way from booking a car to the completion of its lease.

Beginning of rent in the Getmancar

How to start renting on the Getmancar. Features of the application, the sequence of actions for opening a car and committing a trip. We book, inspect the car, start the lease, go.

How to choose a tariff in the Getmanсar application

Video review how to choose a tariff in the application Getmancar. Several tariffs are shown, the description of tariffs is described, how to read tariffs, as indicated by each tariff.

Start the car check on the car with the damage, how to fix it

Have you found any damage on the car's car before the start of the lease? This video will tell you how to start a rental, if you find damage compatible with the use of the car, how to fix the damage and transfer the service to the grocer. How to inspect the car before the beginning of the carseeing. Step-by-step instructions: we book, inspect the car, mark the damage, what damage is already noted, leave comments on the damage.

Approval of the account by the moderation service Getmancar

How do you know if your account passed the moderation if it passed. The notification that comes after the positive moderation of the account. What opportunities open after a positive account moderation.

Download Getmancar app for Android with PlayMarket

How to find and download the Getmancar application from the Play Market, if you do not find the link on the site. Fast download of the application. Video "for teapots". Download the application and use the card-sharing service.

Registration in Getmancar card service, card binding

How to register with the Getmancar service. We register using the mobile application on Android. * What is an application, * How to fill out forms, * add documents, * To make a photo, * bind payment cards, * What happens in the application after registration. What will change for the user in the application, after passing registration in the service Step-by-step instruction for registering with the Getmancar service and attaching a payment card.

Completion of Getmancar car-care center with errors: sometimes you allow them

We finish the trip to Getmancar wrong, make mistakes: do not turn off the light, do not turn off the car, do not raise the parking brake. We watch what happens and how the application and the car react. Why you can not finish the carshering while in the car.

Departure for the zone of use on the carshering car

What happens if you leave the zone of use of the Getmancar car. SMS message, operator call. Please do not try to repeat this video, it will cause a fine on you.

Behind the zone of start / end of the card, but in the zone of use

We are trying to complete the carshering in the zone of use, but at the same time we left the start / end zone of the carshering. What's happening? What can we do? How to close the car in the area of use? Instructions and answers to all these questions.

We translate the car Getmancar into the mode of "Waiting"

We transfer the Getmancar car to the "Waiting" mode. Turn on and off the "Standby" mode.

How to complete the carshering from Getmancar

After the trip, we finish the carthering, the instruction on the actions of the completion of the grooming from the company Getmancar

Booking a car and start carshering Getmancar

How to book a car, cancel the booking, inspect the car, start renting, check the documents in the car.

Refueling a car for cash (own money)

How to refill a caring car for your money. How to save money, get bonuses. How to refund the amount of fueling the car. We close and open the car at the gas station. What to do with a refueling check.